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Weekly cruises in Greece


Below we suggest several itineraries for your 2016 holidays, thanks to which you can enjoy all Ionian Islands, from Corfu to Zakynthos. We created three itineraries, in line with the geographic location of the islands: Northern, Central and Southern. Boat type is chosen depending on the number of participants. Feel free to select the cruise of your dreams at any time!

Info and booking: – +39 800 19 53 53

Programme North

Saturday – Preveza

If we are all ready… Let’s go! We set sail from Lefkada towards North, crossing the moveable bridge that opens for passages at the same time everyday and allows all boats to go sail through a canal from the Northern part of the Ionian Islands to the Central and Southern parts and vice versa. We sail for around one hour and a half, for 8 mi., towards Preveza, where we have plenty of options to dine at a typical tavern in the city centre, before having a walk along the wharf in this lively and active town!

Sunday – Paxos (Gaios Port)

After filling our pantry and having breakfast, we can say goodbye to Preveza and raise the anchor towards Paxos. However, before landing at this wonderful island we ought to stop by a breath-taking beach on our way to do some swimming and diving. Our next stop is Gaios Port, a lovely village where we will stay overnight.

Monday – Corfù (fortress)

On Monday morning we keep on sailing towards North to land at Corfu, a magnificent historical Island in the Ionian Sea, where we moor close to the castle, which sits at the foot of the city and is home to Corfu University. From here it’s easy to reach the city centre and visit its famous cricket pitch.

Tuesday – Syvota (continental Greece)

Back from a night of drinking at one of Corfu’s numerous pubs, some of us may not be ready to get up and may well prefer to stay in the arms of beloved Morpheus while setting sail. Never mind! As soon as we drop anchor again to do some diving in one of the several bays along our route, we will all be ready! And after lunch, as mistral rises, we hoist our sails! This may help us learn more about cruising and sailing while we make our way to Syvota.

Wednesday – Lakka (Island of Paxos)

As soon as sunrays wake us up, we head with no rash towards another wonderful resort in Paxos: Lakka. We stop on our way to do some swimming, and will be pleasantly surprised by the fascinating blue water of this place that nobody wants to leave. We spend the night in a bay close to Lakka, impatiently waiting to visit new destinations!

Thursday – Parga (Blue Flag 2008)

Parga is a delicious town just 12 mi. away on the mainland, therefore we have plenty of time to enjoy swimming, diving, napping and beating. Once arrived at Parga we drop anchor out of the city. Should we like to visit the city centre at night, one of our friends would be happy to accompany us on his taxi-boat through the islands in front of Parga.

Wednesday – Lefkada

After swimming in the crystal clear seawater, we are ready to raise the anchor on the way back to Lefkas. However, we first enjoy a break on the two most beautiful beaches of all Ionian Islands, also called “the two swimming pools of Anti-Paxos”. In the afternoon we arrive in Paxos. If you have to fly back on the same day, you may want to go directly to the airport, while if you go back by ferry you may have the chance to enjoy Lefkas by night.


After breakfast we disembark and leave the boat before 10 AM. Ferries to Italy usually depart in the evening from Igoumenitsa, which can be easily reached by bus or taxi. If you travel with your own car, we recommend a visit to the breath-taking beach close to Katsiki’s Port, 40 km from Lefkas.

Programme Center

Saturday: Meganisi Island (Port of Spilia)

Are we all there? Let’s go! Our first stop is Port of Spilia, a beautiful landing place situated in Meganisi Island, made of two floating jetties and a small restaurant right on the beach. Its owners are two brothers, Babik and Spano, who first show us where to moor our boat and will then serve us dinner. Indeed a perfect chance to approach Greece! After dinner you have the possibility of walking up towards the city: it’s a rather steep yet amazing way of enjoying the panorama up from the hills, which will surely reward your efforts!

Sunday: Lefkas (Sivota)

After breakfast, we depart from the Port of Spilia at 10.30 AM. The main problem may be…choosing the bay where to do some swimming before lunch! In the early afternoon we take advantage of the Northwest wind to sail to Syvota, a delicious circular bay. We can then either moor by using land ropes or stay in the middle of the bay by dropping anchor.

Monday: Atokos – Ithaca (Port Vathy)

In the morning we have the chance to refill our pantry before leaving the dock towards Atokos, an unpopulated island where the only buildings you can find are a house and a small church on the beach. We stop by this magnificent bay with crystal blue water until the wind rises; then it’s time to hoist sails! Bow in direction of Ithaca, one of the most historic and fascinating islands of the Ionian Sea. The entrance into the port is usually pretty windy, but at the sunset it becomes quieter, so we can finally look for Ulisse’s bed, made of olive tree wood, and enjoy nice cafés and bakeries with tasty local products.

Tuesday: Cephalonia (Effimia)

After stocking up on goods for our pantry we are ready to set sail to Filiatro Bay of Ithaca, framed by transparent water and white sand where the shadow of our boat may give you the impression of being elevated. In the afternoon we cruise for 15 mi. to reach Effimia, where we stay overnight and get access to electricity and water from the pier.

Wednesday: Cephalonia (Fiscardo)

We leave the dock from Effimia and spend the day diving, swimming and beating, awaiting for Fiscardo where we arrive in the evening. Fiscardo is a village in Cephalonia Island that is compared by some, perhaps unduly, to Portofino in Italy. Nevertheless, it’s the most important port for both sailboats and big yachts. Should you decide to stay overnight, it’s thus advisable to make sure in advance that free moorings are still available. Here you can also find a diving centre, so if you have a diving license you may be able to enjoy the magnificent underwater world.

Thursday: Meganisi (Port Atheni)

As soon as we wake up and have breakfast, we refill our pantry and leave the dock in direction of North towards Meganisi Island, situated in Port of Atheni’s bay. This is a protected place where we stay overnight looking at the stars, with our boat moored at trees. Depending on what our pantry offers, we have either grilled meat or fish for dinner. We then enjoy the beach atmosphere around us while playing guitar.

Friday: Skorpios – Lefkada

After swimming in the crystal-clear water, we sail around Skorpios Island, owned by the Onassis family, where you can have lunch at your preferred place. In the afternoon we visit another bay to enjoy the last bathe of this unforgettable cruise, and as soon as the wind starts to blow constantly we hoist sails and get into the canal to reach Lefkas. If you have to fly back on the same day, you may want to go directly to the airport, while if you go back by ferry you may have the chance to enjoy Lefkas by night.


After breakfast we disembark and leave the boat before 10 AM. Ferries to Italy usually depart in the evening from Igoumenitsa, which can be easily reached by bus or taxi. If you travel with your own car, we recommend a visit to Parga on the way back.

Programme South

Saturday: Syvota (Lefkas Island)

After stepping on board, allocating the cabins and setting up the pantry, we raise the anchor and sail across the lagoon through a well-signalled, large canal for 3 mi. until we reach a protected gulf with beautiful islands. We cruise towards Syvota, a fascinating circular bay where we can either moor by using land ropes or stay in the middle of the bay by dropping anchor. We stay here overnight.

Sunday: Agios Nikolaos (Zakynthos Island)

Today our alarm is the crow of a rooster, owned by an elderly inhabitant of the village! After breakfast we set sail towards Agios Nikolaos, our first haven in Zakynthos Island. We sail along Ithaca’s and Cephalonia’s costs paying attention to the low seabed that characterises the last part of the cruising, from Skala onwards. 3 mi. away from Agios Nikolaos you cannot do without a tour on the tender into the Blue Cave, where you’ll be astonished by the game of lights and shadows made by these caves. We then keep on sailing and moor in the small port.

Monday: Navajo Bay (Port of Zakynthos)

Today we set sail towards the breath-taking Navajo Bay, where you can see a very well-known shipwreck. Navajo Bay is an unavoidable stop if you are going to Zakynthos, as it’s a place where virtually everyone would like to go and spend the day. We enjoy the beauty of this place before anybody else arrives, ready to depart and hoist sails in direction of Port of Zakynthos.

Tuesday: Laganas Bay (Turtles’ Bay)

Today we cruise towards the Southern part of Zakynthos, landing at Laganas Bay, where turtles lay eggs. Since we are not allowed to stay for long but just to stop by, we dive into another wonderful place, the Island of Marathonisi, framed by crystal clear water and white sand, where we stay overnight.

Wednesday: Cephalonia (Effimia)

Wednesday has already arrived and it’s time to move up North. Today’s cruising is a little longer than usual, as the distance between us and Effimia is 30 mi. We sail close-hauled and you may have the chance to steer our boat. Once arrived in Effimia we can enjoy the last swimming of the day on a nice beach not far from the mooring.

Thursday: Meganisi (Port of Atheni)

Before setting sail in the morning, we refill our pantry as usual and then move on in direction of Southern Ithaca. We sail around its cape and then again up to the North! We can do some swimming and have lunch on the wonderful Beach of Sarakiniko.

After the nap, as soon as the wind starts blowing, we hoist the sails to reach Port of Atheni, a well protected bay where we can enjoy a barbecue on the beach and play guitar before going to bed, moored at trees.

Friday: Skorpios Lefkada

After waking up we can enjoy crystal clear water by doing some diving. We then leave the dock towards Skorpios, the legendary island owned by the Onassis family. We cruise around it to admire all its beauty, and stop by for swimming and dining. In the afternoon we move on towards another bay for what is going to be, unfortunately, the last swim of our holiday. As soon as the wind starts blowing constantly we set sail in direction of the canal which brings us back to Lefkas. If you have to fly back on the same day, you may want to go directly to the airport, while if you go back by ferry you may have the chance to enjoy Lefkas by night.


After breakfast we disembark and leave the boat before 10 AM. Ferries to Italy usually depart in the evening from Igoumenitsa, which can be easily reached by bus or taxi. If you travel with your own car, we recommend a visit to Parga on the way back.






From 6th to 20th of August 2016

You can choose one-week or two-week programmes

Boarding (Saturday) : Gouvia Marina (Corfu) at 4 PM

Disembark (Saturday): Gouvia Marina (Corfù) at 9 AM

Prices :

One week: 650 €

(6th -13th of August – Boarding Corfù – Disembark Lefkas)

(13th – 20th of August – Boarding Lefkas – Disembark Corfù)

Two weeks (6th – 20th of August) : 1200 €

Info & Booking : • 800 19 53 53



  • Archipelago around continental Greece
  • Cape Lefkimmi
  • Paxos Islands (Bay of Lakka, Logos, Gaios and its wonderful port, Bay of Ozia) and Antipaxos (Emerald Bay, Argostoli, Ovoros, Vodina)
  • East Coast and magnificent caves on the West Coast

Included in the price: accommodation in double cabin, Skypper Oltre Mare

Not included in the price: pantry, fuel, port expenses, membership card and anything else that is not within the “included in the price” list.


Vintage Cruise • Istria & Dalmatia • from 2nd to 9th of July 2016



2nd -9th of July 2016


Get out your pvc oilskin jacket and striped t-shirt, and get rid of all your electronic devices!

Come on board and enjoy a vintage cruise together with our sail teachers!

PRICE : 900.000 LIRE (450€)

Included in the price: accommodation in double cabin, skypper Oltre Mare

Not included in the price: pantry, fuel, port expenses, membership card and anything else that is not within the “included in the price” list.

INFO & BOOKING : • +39 800 19 53 53




Istrian Coast is dominated by hills, green pine forests which alternate with cultivated fields. It’s in this landscape that wonderful bays and natural harbours take shape, down to Archipelago of Brioni Islands, one of the hundreds national parks in Croatia, in front of the city of Pula.

From North to South you’ll find plenty of fascinating places: Umag, Novigrad (which means “New City”), Porec, Rovinj and Pula, just to mention the most famous, all dominated by their typical bell towers in Venetian style.

The Northern Dalmatia spans from Zadar to Sibenik, and it’s a real paradise made up of vast as well as small islands, navigable rivers and inland lakes, villages with Venetian architecture, wide natural bays where you’ll be surrounded by untouched nature and absolute peace. Here the landscape is unique; the coast has a circular shape, while the almost complete absence of vegetation makes this place look similar to the Moon!

Here are some of the places that are worth mentioning: The Island of Dugi Otok (“Long Island”), the biggest in the Archipelago of Zadar with its natural Park of Telascica and Sali, a beautiful fisherman village; the National Park of Kornati Islands, where you can visit Piskera, Ravni Zakan and Zlarin Island; Sibenik and Krka River, with their peculiar landscape ranging from breath-taking canyons to astonishing cliffs, Krka Natural Park and its famous waterfalls down to Skradin; Pasman Island, a really peaceful oasis, and Rava Island, where you can enjoy a little fisherman village called Mala Rava.


The term “Central Dalmatia” is used to mean coasts and islands all around Split, full of Roman ruins and the Temple of Diocletian. This part of Croatia is a blend of wonderful isolated beaches with crystal clear seawater and an energetic nightlife of pubs and cafés you can find along the coast as well as on the islands.

As soon as you leave the port we suggest to first visit Drvenik Island, sailing through Solta Island, Brac Island (with its well-known Bol Beach, one of the most photographed beaches in the world!), the extraordinary and very long Island of Hvar (with Stari Grad, one of the most beautiful Mediterranean villages in Dalmatia), Pakleni Islands (Spalmadori) and Palmizana and their luxurious beauty. You can then reach Vis Island, one of the 10 most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean Sea; Biševo Island and Komiža (the Blue Cave).



This is the most southern part of the Croatian coast, ending with the astonishing Venetian Dubrovnik, a city full of life and attractions. Also noteworthy are: the wonderful Park of Milijet and its coast, the deep and quiet bays of Lastovo and the charming Korcula. You are simply spoilt for choice!

BOOKING : • +39 800 19 53 53



For those of you who are thinking of spending a wonderful weekend on our comfortable and well-equipped sailboats together with our skyppers.

You can subscribe individually or with your friends; it’s not important if you don’t have any sailing experience.

When: all weekends from April to October
Where: departing from Lido degli Estensi (Fe) or Sottomarina (Ve)
Destination: Venetian Lagoon, Romagnol Coast, Croatia, Istria, Slovenia
Boats: Bavaria 37 and Salona 40
Boarding/Disembark: Friday night/Sunday afternoon

A minimum of 4 persons is required for the cruise to take place.
Price: 230 € per person
Membership Oltre Mare S.S.D. a r.l.: 30 €

Not included in the price: pantry, fuel and port expenses.

This initiative is for Oltre Mare S.S.D.a.R.L. and UISP members.

Info & booking: • 800 19 5353



Yet to decide where to spend your summer holidays? Are you dreaming about some music and beer with friends? Is a sailing cruise on your to-do list? You have the solution!

An Adriatic Sea full of islands, magnificent cities rich in history and architecture are waiting for you! Not to mention superb and varied local food! Join us in Croatia: a journey based on sea and taste.



Bavaria 37 “Zorba” 3 double cabins, 1 toilet

Salona 40 “Antigone” 3 double cabins, 2 toilets

Boarding/Disembark from: Lido degli Estensi • Sottomarina di Chioggia

Boarding: Sunday 23th of August at 6 PM

Disembark: Sunday 30th of August at 8:30 AM, arrival at the port at 6 PM on the same day

Price: € 650 per person

Included in the price: accommodation in double cabin, skypper Oltre Mare
Not included in the price: pantry, fuel, port expenses
Subscribe at Oltre Mare SSD a RL (Uisp card): € 30


The itinerary may change depending on weather and participants’ sailing experience. Croatia nature and cities are so varied that you surely won’t get bored! Seaside and sailing for everybody!

When crossing the Adriatic Sea, you can land at one of the following ports in Croatia:

  1. Rovinj
  2. Pula
  3. Lošinj

The first option is the shortest, and lasts only 11 hours; the second option takes just one hour more, while the third is even longer but may also be the most amazing: 16/18 hours, during which you have the chance to enjoy wonderful islands. If the sea is calm and the weather is good, it’s something anybody can do!

If you land at Rovinj or Pula you can sail southwards to Lošinj, where you’ll arrive on the following day. If you decide to land at Losinj you can then visit Ilovik or Premuda.

In this part of the coast there is plenty of options, places you can stop by on the way back. For instance Susak, with its Caribbean crystal clear water, or the nice Bay of Kriviza, where you can moor at pines growing next to the seaside, or the breath-taking Unije’s bays.

Going down towards Ilovik you’ll see a number of astonishing islands that are well worth a holiday on their own: Selve, Olib and Ist, which hide magic places and bays for a swim.

Most southern stops for a weekly cruise are Panther Bay and Veli Rat, located in the northern part of Dugi Otok, one of the widest bays providing buoys. Therefore, you can stay and enjoy a quiet night admiring one of the most beautiful lighthouses of the Mediterranean Sea.

We are going to follow the same route on the way back, but this time we stop by to visit some places that we could not see on the way from Italy to Croatia. One option is going to Cres, stopping by at Krk, continuing towards Lošinj, from South to North. This is a very interesting itinerary as well, but we can decide only on site.

We’ll take into consideration all aspects, discuss them with participants, agree on the best option and then…get ready to set sail!


Info & Booking: • 800 19 5353

Sunset Sail


Leaving the dock while the sky tends towards pink, sailing and drinking together with friends on board of our comfortable sailboats. It’s going to be an unforgettable night!

Where: Touristic Port of Estensi Marina, via Fortuna Maris, Lido degli Estensi

When: 6:30 PM

Duration: 2.30 h

Price: 35 € per person

Info & Booking: • 800 19 53 53



Boarding/disembark: Lido degli Estensi, 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM

Boat model:

  • First 21.7


  • Sailing up to the entrance of Goro Po;
  • Lunch break (packed lunch);
  • Relax (walk with birdwatching or relax on the beach of the Island of Love);
  • Sailing back in the afternoon.


  • Adults: 65 €
  • Children (5-12 years-old): 35 €
  • Children (0-4 years-old): 15 €
  • Min. 4 persons
  • Lunch not included.

Other: we suggest to wear comfortable clothes, and to bring a waterproof jacket as well as some sun cream.

Info & Booking: • +39 0532 20 42 28

P.S.: please download and print out the leaflet to learn more about the beauty of Delta del Po Park!

A day in the lagoon of Venice sailing


When: Every day

Embarkation/disembarkation: Marina San Felice (Sottomarina, VE), 9.30 am – 6.00 pm

Boats: Sun 2500, Sun 2000, Salona 40


Sailing in Laguna between Chioggia and Venice is unique and unforgettable experience. Our itinerary begins in Chioggia, where we embark on sailboats moored in the beautiful structure of the Porto Turistico San Felice. On board our boats awaits a skipper who will be at your disposal for the entire day and you will know all the secrets of the navigation and of the lagoon. Leaving the moorings, we cross the mouth of the port of Chioggia, and embarked on the Caroman’s canal sail with the lagoon on the left and the island of Pellestrina on the right. The long island that separates the lagoon from the Adriatic sea, inhabited by fishermen retains all its original features, with its colorful houses, children playing in the street and a really atmosphere of the past time. San Pietro in Volta exceeded, the last village of the island, crossing the mouth of Malamocco leaving on the left the large canal used by ships to reach Marghera, we continue the navigating with another island to our right, the island of Venice Lido which ends at the Lido where you will find the entrance to the port of Venice. Arrived at Malamocco we enter the lagoon and reach the island of Poveglia once the site of monastery which was also a place of care, now abandoned, is an island put up for sale by the government of public administration . Here we take a break and anchored in the middle of a canal that is no longer used we can have lunch or take a dip in the waters kept clean by the continuous changing of the tides. From Poveglia to Santo Spirito’s canal will lead us just in front of San Marco square, the vital centre of the ancient Republic. Hailed the bell, our bow will turn to the open sea, then come out from the port of Lido and sail directly to the port of Chioggia. We will say goodbye to the port in San Felice when you probably already thinking about when to get back with your friends.


  • Adult 65 €
  • Children 5-12 years 35 €
  • Kid 0- 4 years 15 €

Info & Booking: • +39 0532 20 42 28

From Comacchio lagoon to Venice • 3 days / 2 nights


From Saturday to Monday • Departure on Saturday morning from Lido degli Estensi at 10.00 am. and return on Monday to Lido degli Estensi 6.00 pm.

Three days out of the ordinary for those who love nature and sailing, but also for those who want to discover new emotions. Discover the Delta and lagoons sailing with one of our experienced skipper, enjoy a day in Venice and beyond!

A long weekend full of emotions, will lead to the discovery of one of the most beautiful cities in the world (UNESCO), Venice city center of endless charm, is a work of art in itself, a large open-air museum in short, one of those places to visit at least once in your life!

Aboard a comfortable boat, under the watchful eye and expert of our staff that will make you discover the beauty of this pristine area and the secrets of sailing.


  • Saturday: Lido degli Estensi – Chioggia
  • Sunday: Chioggia – Venice
  • Monday: Venice – Lido degli Estensi

Price: 280 € per person (fuel and lunch included)

Excluded from the price: dinners

Minimum number of participants: 4 people

Info & Booking: • +39 0532 20 42 28 • +39 331 19 19 106

Fast sail course 3X3


3 days x 3 hours a day

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 12/05 to 24/09 • embarkation at 2.30 pm and disembarkation 5.30pm

A true sailing course on small cruisers lasting three days to three hours every day: become a real sailor with the guide of our instructors, you’ll discover the secrets of the wind and sails, with the tiller in his hands your dreams will be closer.


  • Nodes fundamental.
  • Conduction of the boat sailing in the various gaits.
  • Rigging fundamental (tack, demolished, taken reef and turn in the hood).
  • Rules of precedence.
  • Under power to enter and leave the port.
  • Arming and disarming the sails.

At the end of this course you will know the theoretical and practical knowledge essential to conduct a small sailboat in safety.

Notes: required comfortable clothing, sunscreen and raincoats, sunglasses, closed shoes with clear soles.

Duration: 3 days / 3 hours a day

Price: 120 € per person

Minimum number of participants: 2 people

Info & Reservation: • +39 0532 20 42 28 • +39 331 19 19 106