Sail Summer Camp 2015 – Sottomarina

The campus are for all children between 7 and 15 years old who want to discover the sail , who are not content to watch the sea from beach umbrellas and want to live a new awesome experiences in the company of new friends.

The campus are offered in collaboration with asd Ludens and are characterized by a perfect combination of physical activity and recreational component thanks to the participation of entertainers ink by Ludens.


At the Porto S. Felice a Sottomarina di Chioggia (VE). Theory lessons will be held in reserved place for the school, meals will be given at the restaurant at the Porto Marina and during nights the children sleep on board our boats moored in the harbor.


The Sail Summer Camp is open from 29th June to 24th July.

Calendar Sottomarina di Chioggia:

  • 29 June – 3 July
  • 6 -10 July
  • 13 – 17 July
  • 20- 24 July (itinerant formula)

Types and Price:

Formula “Campus”: 5 days, from Monday to Friday at 9.15 to 18.00; accommodation and meals 470 €

Formula ”Day”: 5 days , from Monday to Friday at 9.15 am and exit access to 18.00 pm.; lunch only 285 €

Formula “Itinerant”: 5 days, from Monday to Friday at 9.15 to 18.00; accommodation and meals 430 €

Route: Venice lagoon


A Typical Day :Wake up at 7.45 then everyone in the gym and finally breakfast. At 9:30 begin the activities provided both regattas education. Lunch break at 12.45 and after an hour of relaxation resume activities until 18.00. Dinner at 19.45 followed by a moment of ricrezione group and 22.00 in all bunk. In addition to sailing the boys will do a fun activities that are based on the practice of sport.

Notes: The courses are host 12 students maximum. We use boats from 6 to 9 meters and 4 berths. Students are constantly monitored by the instructors , one every 4 or 5 guys and by the entertainers ink by Ludens one every 7.

Info & Reservation: • 0532 20 42 28